Recipe for 9mm RN-FMJ 115 grain

Jan 22, 2023

Extensive research and trial and error is the foundation of how we came up with our recipe for the 9mm 115 grain. There were times when there were just too many chefs in the kitchen. Doing your own research will help narrow down what works for you. This is just our recipe and how we came up with it.

In the very beginning we referred to the specifications in the 50th addition Lyman book for our caliber. We reached out to professional reloaders and seasoned competition shooters. We asked endless amounts of questions and recorded everything we thought we needed to know how to produce quality ammunition. We started with certain specs for each part of the bullet which includes, flare, powder charge, overall length, and the crimp. We adjusted each die on our reloading presses to correspond with the specs we wanted. We measured the casing’s flare before loading the powder. Then the powder was measured multiple times to make sure we were getting an average load of 4.5 grains. Once the projectile was seated on the casing, bullets were checked to make sure projectiles were seated properly. The crimp was checked by pulling the bullets and making sure it was not too deep of a crimp or not enough crimp. Next, records were kept on the bullet’s specs, and we tested them through our chronograph. Our desired velocity is right around 1100 fps while maintaining extreme accuracy. We played around with different lengths and powder charges to see how much the velocity and accuracy would fluctuate and kept records to compare to others. In conclusion, we designed a product that delivers the ultimate satisfaction to any seasoned shooter.